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Graffiti EnviroSafe is the proud United States supplier of SoSafe Graffiti Removal chemicals. The SoSafe graffiti removal system is a quick, easy to use and most importantly the safest graffiti removal system available.SoSafe Specialty Graffiti Products have a range of graffiti removers to treat every type of surfaces. So when your need a safe graffiti solution choose SoSafe! Available worldwide, SoSafe is the only non-corrosive, non-posionous, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, pH neutral and biogradable graffiti remover in the world.


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Recently we held a blind test of SoSafe Graffiti Removal products against brands that claim to be the best in the world. Finally we can put this claim to rest as SoSafe came out on top in each controlled test.

Which graffiti removal product should you use?

There are many different brands of graffiti removers to choose from, but which is right for your purpose?  SoSafe Graffiti Removers eliminate the need to trade off between a products effectiveness and safety / environmental features. The SoSafe range of graffiti removal products tick all the boxes.

This is why SoSafe Graffiti Removal chemicals are used and recommended by more contractors, schools, councils, roads and traffic authorities, shop owners and home owners than any other in United States, Europe and Australia.

 Graffiti Removers

Which formulation of graffiti remover should you use?

Once you have chosen the brand of graffiti remover to use, you must look at the surface substrate you are treating and the strength of the chemical required, for example: 3M have recommended SoSafe Yellow graffiti remover for use on all signs that have a 3M reflective coating as it will not destroy the coating when removing surface graffiti.


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What makes SoSafe graffiti products different?

SoSafe graffiti removers incorporate the unique Surface Active Technology (S.A.T.) into all SoSafe graffiti removal formulations. Surface Active Technology. a breakthrough technology designed to penetrate and remove deep stains from most substrates that have previously thought to have been permanent, without the need to use aggressive chemical bases. Surface Active Technology can only be found in SoSafe graffiti removal chemicals and has revolutionised the graffiti removal industry allowing an effective, safer option in graffiti removal.


This church is located is over 200 years old.  The graffiti had been on the pillars for a long period of time and was removed with a domestic pressure sprayer in conjunction with SoSafe professional edition (Red) and Shadow Chaser with minimal effort.


Graffiti On Church


Graffiti off church


The provocative graffiti below was found on pebblecrete in a local street and had been on the surface for approximately 6 months. While removing the graffiti many of the neighbours came to visit and some even partcipated in the process.

Graffiti on Pebblecrete


Graffiti off pebblecrete


The graffiti  on this grand stone granite pillar was easily removed with SoSafe Blue Sprayable Gel and a scourer.

graffiti on stone


Graffiti off stone


The moss test patch was removed in a matter of seconds with SoSafe External Surface Revival (ESR) and a nylon brush. SoSafe ESR also retards the growth of any further moss after cleaning the surface for up to twelve months.

removing moss

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